Asharri the Vagabond

Asharri The Vagabond (Master Order) a/k/a The Derelict was born in Austin, TX to a Native American mother (Lakota Sioux) and an African American father. Growing up in Rapid City, SD, Derelict started his music career in 1992 with the now defunct crew BDS along with fellow artist Red Soul. Going solo in 1994, Derelict continued to perfect his craft and started the group Warrior Society with Wanagi a/k/a Killa Chief. Fellow members DJ TQF (Man At Arms) and Jester Perilous (Esotheric) soon joined up. With a radio show on KTEQ 91.3 fm, the crew rocked live shows in and around the Black Hills and withstood the cities ever changing animosity towards Hip-Hop music and it's venues. The crew disbanded when fellow member Wanagi went to prison in 1995. Derelict continued to perform along with TQF until 1997 when TQF went to college. Upon his release in 2001, Wanagi and Derelict continued where they left off with Warrior Society, releasing their debut album Warriors. They 2 disbanded after Derelict moved to Austin, TX and formed the group Underground Elements with DJ TQF in 2004. The duo dropped numerous albums as well as a spin-off group called Guerrilla Platoon with fellow emcee Master Of Self (MOS). Derelict became Asharri The Vagabond for this project and even though the group disbanded in 2006, continued to use the name as an alter ego. Choosing to release more political Hip-Hop under the alias, Vagabond and Man At Arms (DJ TQF) became Splinter Cell and dropped one album entit...

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