A historical turbulence of the spirit attached and embodied with the nature. Offering an inner journey and reminding mortality. Ashberry - Resin investigates one’s relationship with the landscape and creates a sonic architecture of space , landscape and the natural surroundings as if the musicians themselves were raised from the soil , where bowed strings were the winds and pianos were little glimmerings of life . Recordings were made quite silently to give space and sound to the surrounding which appears from place to place along with a little amount of found and recorded sounds of fields , especially the places inspired and embodied with the music. However the music was inspired by the land just like the package which is also quite evoked and moved by it. It comes with natural ephemera , a miniature of the wood spirit and gardens where most of the music was recorded. Not exactly a souvenir or a memorabilia but a personality infused with another one. An object which is given a new purpose. Each one is coming with personal dedication to the recipient on the canvas card and the CD. Put on brown handmade card-box in a bag of linen with natural ephemera attached to it. Leaves , birch , pieces of corks and such. Music must satisfy and get in touch with the admirers of people like Nick Drake, Arvo Pärt, Emily Dickinson, and William Blake. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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