Ashei are a four-piece pop/rock band from Christchurch with a shared passion for intense live performance and honest song writing. Ashei are sure to not only appeal to fans looking for a solid rock act, but also people looking for something unique, fresh and a little left of centre. Their upcoming single Shelter recorded with legend Andrew Buckton at Studio 203 perfectly captures the bands energy and songwriting ability and is the perfect follow up to their last single “Fracture at the Mention” which got considerable airplay and screening on C4’s homegrown, and Juice TV as well as various radio stations throughout the country. They have all respectively been brought up with different musical backgrounds, and the personal influences they draw from their pasts has put a unique twist on their music, which is influenced from everything from bubblegum pop to black metal; with artists including Michael Jackson, Paramore and Taking Back Sunday. Members: Liam Muir, Emma Cameron, Dan Perry and Ben Malone bring their own individual musical approaches to the group. Along with this they also bring an equally important unique personality and depth. Ashei have had the privilege of opening for an array of well-known international bands such as The Ataris (USA), Scary Kids Scaring Kids (USA) and The Mission in Motion (AUS) - and also well-received New Zealand acts like Midnight Youth and Dane Rumble. Through their growth they have built their way up to headlining local Chch acts, a...

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