There are at least three bands that go by the name Ashen. 1.Female fronted indie/emo rock, comparable to bands such as Sarge and Jejune. They released one LP and one EP. Respectively 'No Other Comfort' and 'Pull And Repel'. Sadly the band, disbanded after the release of their EP, which was very promising about what was yet to come. We'll never know. 2.Death/Grind metal trio from Tawian 3.Doom/grind metal band from the United States (Minneapolis, MN) 4. Female fronted metal/melodic gothic metal/progressive metal band from Den Helder, Netherlands. The band started in August 2004. Their first gig was in January 2005. The band had a good start to gain more shows in and outside their hometown. With a few changes in the bands formation, in the year 2005, they kept on writing new song and did shows from the top to the bottom of Holland. In October 2006 the band released their first Demo CD containing 5 songs. They combined their Demo presentation with the new line of merchandise T-shirts. Two of the most important gigs were the finals of Noord Hollands Glorie and the prestigious Popprijs 2006 awards, competing against 20 bands; they were awarded the first prize. In 2007 the band wrote a title song for a Dutch horror movie The Fading Horizon, directed by Ranil Gort. The movie was shown at the Dutch Movie Festival in 2008. This year Ashen focused on writing new material and preparing for the recording of their second CD, which will be planned for next year. Ashen shared the s...

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