Ashen Mortality

Ashen Mortality was a British musical band that was formed in early 1993 by Ian Arkley (ex-Seventh Angel) and Melanie Bolton. They recorded two demos, and two albums, as well as played many gigs in England, the Netherlands, and Germany. Featuring clean and growled male vocals, and female vocals, their music was heavy, slow to mid-paced, and influenced by medieval music, doom, death and goth. The band split in 2005, when Arkley went on to form My Silent Wake. The original line-up was: * Ian Arkley (guitar & vocals); * Melanie Bolton (vocals & keyboard); * Tim Cooper (bass); and * Ben Jones (drums). The first demo tape, Ashen Mortality, was recorded at The Wall, Birmingham, England from 9 - October 11, and engineered by Andy Wickett. The band's first gig was with Rez, during November 1993 in Salford, England. During 1994, Ashen Mortality played many gigs around the United Kingdom, including a show at Brixton Academy, London on May 14. The second demo was recorded between 16 - July 18 at Attic Studios, shortly after which, Jones left the band. On August 24, Ashen Mortality played at the Greenbelt festival with stand-in drummer, Neal Harris. Harris also played with the band during the tour of Holland and Germany from 2 - September 29. Three tracks from the second demo, Separation, Sleepless Remorse and Imprisoned were remixed, and four new songs recorded in 1995 to form Sleepless Remorse, the band's first album. Harris played drums on the new tracks, although...

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