Ashentide released an open letter on July 3rd 2015 stating in part ...So it is with a heavy heart that we inform our fans that the band Ashentide has parted ways, and the members have moved on to conquer new life challenges.... Ashentide was a female-fronted symphonic metal band from Los Angeles, California, USA / America. Created through love for symphonic metal, Ashentide combines heavy, driving distortion, haunting vocals, and lush symphonic arrangements to create a unique, fantastical experience. Late in 2008, Overlord Tom began the search for others to share his love of melodic metal. In short order, he found Andrew, whose boundless energy and talent compliment his wicked fingers on anything with strings. Next was Anastasia, whose classical training melds with her fierce spirit to create rich layers of harmony and emotion. They next recruited Lenore to give a velvet voice to the stories of their passion. This wayward crew poured their souls into creation of their self-titled EP, forged with the guidance of Daante, whose savage solos and wise words helped gain the album an epic release in July 2011. Inspired by the sound, Jorge filled the void as a second guitarist, allowing the group to complete the luxuriant guitar harmonies that cried out to be made whole. The original music they create, influenced by everything from Beethoven to traditional folk music to black metal, creates a union of the brutal and the beautiful with rich harmonies and wrenching riffs. Togeth...

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