Asher Deaver

Asher Deaver was born into a jolly loving clan in 1990. He spent the first half of his fairy tail childhood in a log cabin in the woods of Washington, angering his older siblings by copying everything they did and simultaneously being better at it. He drove most of them away. His parents, in utter desperation to rid themselves for once and for all of this wunderkind who masterfully hatcheted the happy family unit to bits and scattered the pieces across the continental united states, fled from Washington down to the deserts of Arizona in an attempt to get away from him. Asher was 8 at the time, and unfortunately required parenting and insisted he be taken along. Asher grew a heart under the glaring desert sun, and to repent for the pain and anguish he caused his parents by being the most talented child of them all, he attempted to console them with blatant but well-crafted melodic knock-offs of popular indie bands. His parents got over the anguish quite quickly and grew bored with his beautiful music. They banished him to his end of the single wide, where his budding teenage angst was allowed to flourish without bounds. His songs became better and better, In July 2006 at the age of 16 Asher recorded his first album – the Jake sessions – which was immediately met with critical acclaim in the indie social circles of his older siblings, angering them once again with the discovery that their friends were now asking to be “set up” with their under-age brother. Some of th...

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