Asher and Quick

With its current lineup, Asher and Quick has only been around for a little less than a year, but the foundation for the band began years ago, when all of the members were in high school and only beginning to play in bands, several of which were signed and had releases. Finally, while attending college in Athens, Georgia, the idea of Asher and Quick began to develop and mature, and resulted in their first independent self-titled EP, which they wrote, recorded, and produced entirely on their own. It was released in March of 2008 to a very receptive audience. Having grown up listening to a wide variety of punk, hardcore, pop and rock, they wished to develop a more intricate style of music based upon the sound of their early influences. Unique lyrics and memorable melodies supported by tightly layered yet complex guitars, led by a solid rhythm section characterizes the sound of Asher and Quick in their first successful release. Now the band has re-entered the writing and recording phase and is working towards releasing another independently written, recorded, produced and distributed EP in the first part of 2009. Look for Asher and Quick to be playing shows at premier venues with some of the best bands Atlanta and the Southeast has to offer! Asher and Quick is currently writing and recording their second EP which is scheduled to be released Spring of 2009. The release is set to be 6 tracks including familiar songs such as Southbound, Better Half, and the completed versions of th...

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