The brainchild and full-band vessel of musicians Trey Rosenkampff, Graham Elder, Christian Ebetino and Brent Bolde, Asherel is a southeastern alternative rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. After spending most of his adolescent years writing and performing at venues such as Eddie’s Attic and Variety Playhouse, songwriter Trey Rosenkampff began to recruit his friends in an attempt to portray his songs through a fuller, more dynamic sounding outlet. Partnering with Brent Bolde on bass, Graham Elder on lead guitar and later enlisting Christian Ebetino on drums, Asherel quickly took off to perform at venues around Atlanta, including the locally beloved Smith’s Olde Bar. “It was all sort of a whirlwind effect,” says Rosenkampff of the quick accumulation of Asherel’s activity. “One minute we were scrambling to put together as many songs as we thought was decently possible, and two weeks later we were playing at Smith’s [Olde Bar]. It was just crazy.” When it comes to their sound, Asherel isn’t afraid of who they are or how they are affected by the music they love. Wearing their influences on their sleeves while still retaining a unique twist, the music of Asherel is pure, unadulterated rock, which is exactly what the members of the band wanted to accomplish. “We all love the music we love, there’s no doubting that. But we each bring our own twist along with our influences. Graham [Elder, lead guitar] is definitely the strongest rocker of the band; Br...

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