There are multiple groups named Ashes. 1) Ashley Coulter (born April 26, 1983), better known by her stage name Ashes is a Canadian singer and the sixth-place finalist in the 2006 season of Canadian Idol. She was born and raised in Emeryville, Ontario (near Windsor), but currently lives in Toronto, Ontario. 2) Ashes was a Washington, DC-based post-hardcore band that featured Brian McTernan of Battery fame and Elena Ritchie on vocals. They existed in the early to mid 90s. Ashes released two EPs on a now-defunct California label named Network Sound entitled Ashes and Hiding Places. A discography was released on McTernan's own label Salad Days called Wisconcin Avenue Tour. 3) Ashes is three piece black metal band from the UK. Till this day, Ashes has released 2 demos : Blackened Wrath in '03 and Forest Funeral in '04 and two full lengths, under the title of Hymns To A Grey Sky(2005) and Yggdrasil(2007). Both were released by Supernal Music. In 2009, Runeworks was released on Wolfs Hook Records, which is now out of print, and now very hard to get hold of. In 2010 Ashes released Forest Psalms, a 3 track EP as a free download through Death To Music Productions. Ashes plays pagan black metal with some ambient elements. In April 2011, Ashes signed to Candlelight Records. 4) Ashes was a 60's folk-rock band from California who released a self-titled album in 1968 and a few singles, more or less in the same style of bands like Jefferson Airplane and The Byrds. 5) Ashes are/were ...

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