Ashes Of Eternity

In Year 2008 two young enthusiast's, Goran Forgač and Goran Kordić started with non-obligational rehearsals in the village at the end of town. Those were mostly covers from Arch Enemy, In Flames, Dimension Zero and Devil Driver, and mostly they were awfull. After some time rehearsing together, first riffs and melodies was produced, and from then everything started to get more serious. First Demo songs were recorded with intention to get main „sketch“ how everything should sound. In the meantime there were 2 members in the bend, Antonio Varga as lead guitarist and Tomislav Smolčić as bass player but because of lack of interest they didnt stay in the bend. Some time after in the bend came Marko Miletić who is now a permanent member, he is the second guitar. With him came his 5 songs which somewhat gave a bend folk dimension becouse of his love for bands like Esiferum, Wintersun etc. After all that band started to prepare for live shows, and look for bass player and vocal. In that place came Daniel Dasović as bass player and Mario Milutinović as Vocal ( Gregzeye vocal also ).First show the people had oportunity to listen to Ashes was at „Organizirani Kaos“ festival in Kutina. Ashes of Eternity changed line-up in the fall of 2010. Co-founder Goran Kordić left the band becaouse lack of time to rehearse and everything else becouse of college. So the band was now without a drummer. In that place came Marin Jelinek, our friend from Kutina who shared our music tast...

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