Ashes and Iron

Ashes and Iron is a 4 piece instrumental outfit from St. Louis, MO. Their music has been described as metal, ambient, down-tempo, or post-everything. Ashes and Iron began in the summer of 2006 with three members of now defunct Hardcore/Metal act This Incredible Machine (Thad Martin - Drums, Chris Denton - Guitar, & Kenny Snarzyk - Vocals & Electronics), former Ring, Cicada guitarist David Miller, and former Calico System bassist Justin Haltmar. After Haltmar's departure in the winter of 2006, original This Incredible Machine bassist Dave Lawrence joined the group. The band spent the next year writing the Silens EP and recorded it over the following year. In the Summer of 2007, shortly after tracking finished, David Miller moved to NYC; however he continued to collaborate despite a 1200 mile distance. In the summer of 2008 guitarist/singer of Caporetto, Ian Mahan joined on guitar. Snarzyk left the band in early 2009 to pursue his project Fister. In mid-2010 Dave Goodman of Ring, Cicada and Dibiase joined on bass. Now, in 2014, Ashes and Iron returns with THE WIND TAKES A SIDE, a 4 song LP that dynamically sweeps from mournful melody to relentless weight. Co-released by Good Die Young and Encapsulated Records, THE WIND TAKES A SIDE promises to seamlessly connect where you've been with where you're going. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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