Ashes of Betrayal

The band was born in late '06 and the line up was DADDO (former drummer), Giopy (vocals), Mondo (former guitar and Daddo's bro) and Nicola (bass). The task was plain and simple: PLAY HC IN TERROR STYLE. After several reharsal, they played a gig with Milan-based DECREW. After some line up setbacks Oscar (guitar) joined the band after Mondo left it. After a years, the band recorded the WE WILL RETURN FROM THE ASHES demo. Then, a new line up change occured: Daddo left, Costa (drums) and xFabiox (guitar) joined the band. With this act, the band played a German 3-dates tour with DECADE OF AGGRESSION. But the changes aren't over yet: new band, new band course, new music style, new lyrics! After xPierpox joined the band and xFabiox left the guitar to be the drummer, the band started to have a more aggressive, more slayerish and '90 sound, with more socio-political oriented lyrics. Oscar left the band due to some study problems, and Daniele (member of Pure Assault) joined. The band recorded a 4 tracks as a show-off of the new era, System Earth Failure. Daniele left and xAlicex (guitar, also member of Way of hate) joined. Hope that'll be the last change!!! Hope that'll be the last change!!! Acted as opening for bands such as SICK OF IT ALL, FULL BLOWN CHAOS, WALLS OF JERICHO, RISE AND FALL, FIRST BLOOD, GOLD KIDS, SINCE THE FLOOD, xDESTROY BABYLONx and is now working on new brutal, fast, aggressive, but still socio-political oriented material. Actual line up is: Giopy-vocals xPierpox...

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