Ashes to Ember

In early spring 2005 five guys, who addicted themselves to the metal side of music, decided to start off a band project, in which each member should have the ability to give expression of his individual musical roots in the songs. They created a very individual style of metalcore.The many different influences by various artists formed a mixture of melodic-, death-, and hc-metal which characterises each song. Because of intensive songwriting, the pointedly use of earthshaking guitar riffs and catchy melodies, the five guys achieved to stand out against multiple other bands of their genre. Due to their musical diversity, Ashes to Ember reaches a wide crowd of metalfans After months of preparation, they finally released their debut EP “Introducing the end” in late 2007. The band explains that the title stands for the continuous destruction of our Planet. “We are actually introducing our end, but the most of us just look away and ignore todays problems such as the global warming and the increasing rate of violence around the planet. How dare these people to ignore all these warning signs? And how dare we not to talk about these problems?” The introtrack gives an acoustic inspiration,of what the EP theme is all about. “Angel of devastation” is the first instrumental track with a direct connection to the CD Cover. An Angel, that appears to wipe out the human race, in order to stop all the horrible actions and bring peace back to earth. Alltogether “Introducing th...

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