I'm a writer/producer based in Rochester kent! Signed to EMI publishing. Co-wrote the top 10 'Angel City' track 'Sunrise'. Also a couple of tracks on the 'Love Me Right' Album(Top 40). Co-wrote the top-line on Axwell's 'Feel The Vibe' (top 20). Worked with Paul Harris on the tracks 'Change Down' on SR2, and the 'Hydrogen Rockers' track 'I Turn Away' on CR2. With 'Ben Macklin on his track 'Feel Together' Released on Free2Air also the Jack Rokka Vs Betty Boo track 'Take Off and Dab Hands 'Supergood 07' both on Gusto. Also Wawa & Herd feat Amanda Wilson 'The Right Way' on Hed Kandi 08. Watch out for the 'A-lee' track 'Gotta Let Go' feat Amanda Wilson due for release on Hit records @ the end of March/April & the 4-Strings track 'Catch A Fall' and 'Need In Me' by Danny Dove & steve Smart on Loaded... Also the track 'My Body' on the forthcoming Benny Benassi album. Got a few more irons in the fire as always!.. I've had the pleasure of working with the lovely Jenny Frost, Hannah Spearitt, Lisa Scott-Lee & Lara McAllen. Currently working with Waterfall, T2, lol, Benny Benassi, Audiostar, Betty Boo, 4-Strings, A'Lee, Avalon Superstar, Loveless, Insignia, Jason Herd, WAWA, Bassmonkey's, Mia J, Amanda Wilson, Aruna, Ben Macklin, Mark Wilkinson, Paul Harris, Jack Rokka, Bananarama, Kim Sozzi, Andrea Britton, ATFC, and Rita Campell. So that's me!! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; ad...

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