Ashkan & Kooshan

Ashkan Mohamadian (Dj Ashkan) & Kooshan , a collaboration between 2 talented famous persian dj/producer of different genres of electronic music. (They are FIRST owner and Creator of their unique music type "Persian Electronic/vocal " ) AshkanXz (Code Xz:Xzenith) or say him "Dj Ashkan" having years of experience on composing & producing in Two different style "Hardstyle/House " and "Techno/Electro" , as well as being an acclaimed dj in many eastern countries for his creativity , originality and talent in dance music scene.His collaboration with his family Dj Kelvin.P in many clubs of Poland was admired by many fans .He has made special style and fantastic dancefloor electronic music tracks and got the votes in europe "sweden,poland,.." charts . Just to name some of his remixes;he has made Remixes for Madonna ,Depeche Mode,Alphaville,Boney M,... and some well-known persian artists in his own style of music(Tribal and Progressive House) . Kooshan ,the ex-member of Parilla band ,experienced in nearly all sub-genres of trance ,but mainly focused on melodic trance and eurotrance ,which he has loved most from the begining of composing music . He has done remixes for majority of well-known europian and persian artists ,as well as producing his own music in his own unique style.His last 2 remixes for Kate Lesing and Kasa (polish singers) got the position in the world international contest under the band name Neorin with his partner Mehran . To ino miduny Feat. Mahnaz and the whole a...

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