Ashley Arrison

Drawing from influences James Taylor, Sarah McLachlan, and Trisha Yearwood, singer/songwriter Ashley Arrison melds modern LA music with old school Americana charm. Ashley was offered her first gig at 9 years old singing and acting as an orphan in the stage production of Annie at a prominent theater in Memphis, TN where she grew up. Around the same time she became singing partners with fellow Memphian, Justin Timberlake. They played every talent show, hospital, and mall they could perform in, culminating with their audition for the New Mickey Mouse Club. Ashley and Justin were both chosen as finalists, but in the end, they told Ashley she was too tall for the part. While it was a crushing blow for the young twelve year old, in retrospect she realizes it was a path she wasn’t meant to take. Her teen years were spent studying the craft of singing and songwriting. She discovered her love for singer/songwriters Neil Finn, Patty Griffin, Jon Brion, and Radney Foster during this time and knew that smart, emotional, and well crafted songs was where her true passion lay. She considers traveling as a backup singer with her longtime songwriting hero, Radney Foster, to be her favorite job to date. In addition to her live music experience, she has acquired notable credits singing backup vocals on albums by Lindsay Lohan and Badly Drawn Boy. Now this sweet southern songstress is launching her own career, touching lives with her gift of heartfelt melodies and stirring lyrics. Check ou...

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