Ashley Gatta

Ashley Gatta’s music blends the soulful sounds of blues and Motown with clever and poignant lyrics formerly found only in folk and indie rock. Her Texas roots run deep, inspiring the songs Big Enough State and Slower in Texas, and contribute to that slight southern lilt that presents itself in her unique vocal timbre that has been compared to the likes of Norah Jones and Amy Winehouse. Ashley’s love for music began long before she had a reason to write. Singing and creating has always been in her blood, and her prominent vocals found complimentary chords when she began playing the acoustic guitar at age 15. After being denied admission to University of North Texas’s prestigious school of music, Ashley studied Sociology and Nonprofit Management, settling for a minor in music. It was through her coursework in Sociology, coupled with internships and mission trips in poverty stricken areas of Miami, Chicago, Denton, and Mexico that God began to stir in her a passion for social justice, racial reconciliation, and joining the poor as Christ himself did. This overflow of ideas left Ashley with a notebook full of hooks and a voice that finally had a story to tell. Knowing that the gift of song is meant to be shared, she started performing her original songs at local coffee shops, bars and gospel concerts. Ashley’s first EP, Forget Subtlety, was released her senior year of college, 2007. Its success encouraged her to continue plugging away in the local music scene, after graduati...

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