Ashley Matte

Ashley Matte’s debut album Colors offers an eclectic mix of soothing guitar and rock-solid hits. Ashley’s songs are poetic and inspired by the heart, appealing to audiences of all ages. She uses her Southern roots to give Colors a little soulful influence, making it a sound that allows fans to connect. The success of Colors has launched Ashley Matte as the latest artist to arrive from San Diego’s music scene. Colors is a celebration of rock reminiscent of artists such as Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlan. It’s a fusion of folk and pop rock that speaks to the heart and soul. Once you hear Ashley’s melodies it’s hard to forget – they hook you from the beginning! Ashley’s amazing ability to perfect a self-taught guitar is quite impressive and her angelic vocals on the album are as pure as her live performances. Ashley’s style of music comes with edge; she makes it her own unique blend of acoustic that casts a spell on anyone crossing her path. Ashley’s songwriting skills capture the essence of lost love, peace and hope. In Colors, Ashley composes some of life’s most memorable moments; growing up, challenges and changes. Through the album you can hear the journey from the 14 year-old girl who had a big dream to a young woman who found her place. Ashley sings a collection of positive themes fans can turn to for comfort and hope. Whether it is happiness or sorrow, Colors identifies with the many shades life can bring. Powered with a storytelling guitar, Color...

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