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Ashley Parker Angel is a musician, formerly known as a member of the now-defunct boy band O-Town as well as an upcoming band, Mansions of Arcadia. His first solo album, titled Soundtrack to Your Life, was released on May 16th by Blackground Records. It debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200, selling over 72,000 copies. O-Town During the production of the reality show that gave birth to O-Town, Making the Band, many of Ashley's co-workers considered him perfect for the role of a boy band member, as a result of his passion, enthusiasm, talent, and boyish good looks. He is often considered the group's heartthrob. O-Town went on to sell over 5.6 million albums worldwide. However, the popularity of the group never approached the success of other bands in their genre. Once Making the Band had finished its television run, O-Town floundered. The members signed numerous contracts, many that didn't benefit them. Ashley, like other members of the band, was left without financial security, despite wide-spread media exposure. O-Town disbanded in 2003. Solo Work Angel is starred in a new MTV reality series There and Back, and produced his first solo album. The show chronicles his efforts to re-launch his career and support his new family. The theme song to the show is Soundtrack to Your Life, a song that was going to be on the new album. The song is being produced by The Matrix following the firing of Soul Power as producers. The lyrics are: Your life is, a flashback, a question, a photogra...

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