Ashowka began playing in early 2006, when the band was formed by two musicians - Leo Fenn (drums) and Jack Jennings (electric guitar), previously of the bands TurboWolf and Perhaps Contraption. Inspired by the explorative efforts of historical figures such as Coltrane, Hendrix, Miles Davis, as well as contemporary musicians such as Lightning Bolt, the Bad Plus, and Hella, the duo set to work in organically developing their musical approach, patiently developing a musical language of their own. With initial sets consisting equally of meticulously composed pieces filled with flair and poise, and by contrast, explosive and utterly free expressions of jazz inspired rock psychedelia, the duo were developing a powerfully charged sound that was hard to pin down. Luke Mosse (bass guitar) came to the group in 2007, bringing with him a history in a variety of styles and a deep interest in rhythm and world music. Soon after came a new phase in the band's evolution, as they began incorporating polyrhythms and grooves from around the world to harness the band's energy. The music we play now is a sort of exploration into North Indian Classical, African bell ritual patterns, formula based playing of Wayne Krantz, altered modal rhythm and harmony work, free improvisation and noise. A rewarding aspect of finding new forms is that you're able to bipass people's immediate stylistic classification of the music, and in that way we're much more able to reach out to people emotionally and in ...

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