There are two bands with the name Ashtar: 1) Ashtar are a Brazilian folk metal band with progressive influences. Their debut album, Urantia, is a thought-provoking combination of Celtic folk, Brazilian folklore, and interesting songcraft. The band began recording their 2nd album in 2008: From the Otherside that was meant to be released in 2008 but it has yet to materialize. The band took part to Aspherical Asphyxia Productions 2007 My own wolf (a new approach) tribute to Ulver, playing a cover medley of The marriage of Heaven and Hell. The music is very organic and down-to-earth, and there are 7 members, each of whom play very distinct instruments: Paula Mineoka - vocals and whistles Luiz A. Garcia - vocals, guitars, whistles and keyboards Eduardo Capella - Guitars Oswaldo Velasco - violin Daniel Dobbin - drums and percussion Rob Gould - keyboards Fabio Guilherme - bass 2) Ashtar is a duo from Basel, Switzerland, formed in 2012 by members of swiss doom bands Phased and shEver (Witch N. left shEver in 2013). They create an intuitive, intense hybrid of down-tuned archaic riffing, heavy bass and desperately sick vocals with layered, eerie-saturnine melodies, telling about abyss and beauty, melancholy and chaos. Ashtars debut Album Ilmasaar is released in 2015. 3) Ashtar : Cesar Mafra, 26 years (Synthesizers and Mixer), was interested in music since he was young. An unconditional lover of the music and Psy-Trance culture, he noticed that besides being an admirer, he cou...

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