Ashtar Ron Allen

Canadian born composer/performer/producer (Ashtar) Ron Allen creates music celebrating both Western and Eastern musical traditions. As a young jazz protege from the age of 17, he played saxophone with many mentors. Simultaneously, a longing for a deeper understanding led him to the Bansuri flute as he studied Hindustani classical music with G.S. Sachdev and others.This led to Persian, Arabic classical music as well as other world music alongside continued study of advanced Western theory with Ted Moses. His original music is heard in several film scores such as The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson and Free Willy 3, as well as over 50 CDs of his own for the Somerset, Reflections and RSM labels. Being a master of both saxophone and Bansuri flute allows him a unique understanding of global music creating an integrated musical language he teaches and calls RagaMelodix. From his base in Toronto he has composed music for several choreographers such as Robert DesRosiers, Bill James, Joanna Das and Menaka Thakkar, as well as Blue Snake for the National Ballet. He has collaborated with Dr. Lee Bartel on several Music for Your Health CDs, featuring innovations with scientifically credited healing music. His 1990 CD Saxart remains a standard unsurpassed in the contemporary music community and several world flute CDs for the Solitudes label are sold throughout the world. He is currently a freelance artist playing on CDs, producing music for film scores and TV commercials, as well as ...

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