Ashton, Gardner & Dyke

Band members: Tony Ashton — (born Edward Anthony Ashton, 1 March 1946, Blackburn; died 28 May 2001) — keyboardist. Kim Gardner — (born 27 January 1946, Dulwich, London; died 24 October 2001) — bassist. Roy Dyke — (born 13 February 1945, Liverpool) — drummer. Mick Liber — (born 1 March 1944, Peebles, Scotland) — lead guitar. They released their first single "Maiden Voyage"/"See The Sun In My Eyes" on Polydor Records in 1969, but it flopped. However, their next single release on Capitol Records, made them household names. It was entitled "Resurrection Shuffle". They poached their brass section, Lyle Jenkins and Dave Caswell, from Birmingham band Galliard. It entered the UK Singles Chart on 16 January 1971, had a chart life of 14 weeks and peaked at Number 3, and reached number 40 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart.[1] This one-off triumph ultimately garnered for them the tag of one-hit wonder. Their follow-up single "Can You Get It" lacked the general boisterous appeal of "Resurrection Shuflle", and failed to chart. Nevertheless, Ashton Gardner and Dyke persevered and recorded three albums.(see discography below). Their last recording together was a collaboration with Jon Lord on the soundtrack for a b-movie called "The Last Rebel", starring former gridiron star, Joe Namath. Ashton also appeared on Jon Lord's first solo album Gemini Suite in 1972. The trio finally split the same year. Album discography Ashton, Gardner And Dyke (Polydor 583 081) (196...

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