1) American Punk Band from Santa Rosa, CA; Dirty drunk-punk with dueling girl/guy vocals inspired by Blatz and Filth 2) Polish Rock Band known on Last as Ashtray PL This is profile and bio of 1st: Davie and Sarah-Jane, at the forefront, tumbling over each other with gutteral eruptions and glass-shattering squeals; Bonnie on the guitar, unleashing piercing, nonstop downstrokes; all grounded by the rhythm section of Joe’s hard-hitting drums and a whirl of low end from bassist Shad Rock. This is the blue-ribbon recipe that has won Ashtray widespread acclaim opening shows for Blanks 77, the Stitches, and the Suicide Girls. With a prior 7” and full-length album—both self-financed DIY releases—the motley crew that calls Santa Rosa, CA home embraces the lost art of making a statement by not taking itself so goddamn seriously. Ashtray is far more likely to incite another round of drinks than a full-scale riot, but with titles like “Emo-liminate” and “Dirty Rotten Hippies,” the band’s songs nonetheless careen through roughshod trenches to the vulnerable heart of their unwitting subjects like a hypocrisy-guided x-wing fighter. The key element in Ashtray’s impact is one generally lost in a post-millennial hardcore scene: a refreshing, finger-pointing sense of humor. While other bands rob the punk rock convenience store of all laughter, Ashtray hangs out in the beer aisle making fun of their friends ...

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