The band called ‘Ashtraynutz’, though only put together two years ago, has already played an impressive number of venues in The Netherlands. With their recently launched EP, City Lights, they feel ready to conquer the world! Joël Gaerthé (Amsterdam 1991) was raised in a music loving family yet still had to find his own musical path. At sixteen in music school in Rotterdam, he found himself surrounded by young, talented musicians, beat makers and producers. That environment triggered his creativity. Inspired by Japanese anime, underground hip-hop and artists such as Jamie Lidell and Tom Waits, he created beats, melodies and wrote lyrics. For his final exam he made an album for which he teamed up with beat maker and producer, Jimmy Barbosa. At the presentation he surprised everybody, including himself, by his performance. His unique voice, the sound of his band – bluesy, fuzzy and very soulful – formed an almost perfect combination. What initially was meant to be a one-off performance, turned out to be the birth of a band! Lead: Joël Gaerthé Backing Vocals: Tess Gaerthé Drums: Darryl Ciggaar Bass: Bill Mookhoek Keys: Joël Dieleman Guitar: Nick Croes Throughout 2011 the band played bars, festivals and other venues all over the country. Joël’s warm and soulful voice pleasantly surprised his audience. Ashtraynutz does not go by unnoticed. Not only the audience, but also fellow musicians take notice. Early 2012 the Haarlem group Chef’ Special asks Joël and ...

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