Mumbai-born composer Ashutosh Phatak’s music is the stuff of dreams. Opulent, lucid and at times unsettling, Ashu’s mystic sound scapes artfully weave stories of love and loss, of hope and fear: stories that are at once intensely personal and invitingly universal. His debut album ‘Sigh of an Angel’ is rooted in duality, and exists in fantastic worlds that are intimate, expansive and rich in their visual imagery. ?? Ashu, a graduate in Western Classical Music Theory from The University of Pennsylvania, has been professionally composing music for the last 15 years. He started out composing for television serials and commercials on a part-time basis. He is also part of the immensely successful duo “Smoke” better known as “Ashu & Dhruv” in the business world. They have recently released the album Smoke Signals, which includes the hit, single Summertime Rocks and have scored many successful films including Bombay Boys, Snip and White Noise. They have also completed their first international film Broken Thread. Ashu is currently working on a few animation films and feature, which is yet to be released called 99. ?Ashu’s on-stage energy during live performances is as adrenalin pumping for the audience as they appear to be for him. His latest album promises to be a romp for the senses journeying through a myriad styles and genres. Accompanying him on the album are flame-haired Australian artist Aurora Jane, Tara Baswani, the lead of latest Cirque due Soliel project, intern...

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