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Asia 2001 has been producing music since the beginning of the last century's decade and has actually been around since the expression trance music was first used. Asia 2001 comes from the south of France, where he produces most of his music at his private studio, The Stargate. Behind Asia 2001 we find Martin Cooper, who is also known as Loren-X, with releases and albums on R&S, Polygram, F-Com, Distance and more. Martin Cooper has established Trans`Pact Productions back in 1992 with his wife Thaisha, and shortly after that, released Fly in Rajasthan, that became a hymn at that time. Trans`Pact has released dozens of singles and albums, including Spectral's Trance O 10 CD, followed by the massive release Goa Exit and Transwave's first single. Among the others, Martin has collaborated with DJ Anti in 1995 and produced the first Toires ambient album in 1996. The breakthrough came after the hysteric Lunar Attraction 12 on Koyote and the debut Asia 2001 album Ra. In 1997 Asia 2001 was signed to Avatar Records and has released Ama Zone and Dreamland, with massive success and increasing popularity worldwide, not only among trance lovers. Asia 2001 has secured his place as one of the most outstanding acts in the electronic scene, with live appearances in Berlin's Love Parade, all over Europe, The Middle East and Canada. He took New York in a storm, with gigs in top clubs such as Limelight and Tunnel, and appearances with leading artists including Carl Cox, Robert Leiner, Laurent Garn...

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