Asia Bryant

ASIA BRYANT “A breath of fresh air”. That’s the phrase most often used to describe Asia Bryant. Whether referring to her phenomenal vocal range, her worldly songwriting perspective, her humble aura, or just the complex simplicity of her records, Asia has managed to be a refreshing change in an industry that badly needs a makeover. But, to know Asia’s story is to understand how she’s been so able to embrace change and thrive within it. Since birth, it seems as if Asia has been in constant transition. At eight months old, Asia’s mother made the decision to move the family away from the crime and violence of inner city Patterson, NJ to the more family-oriented Carolinas, finally settling in Charleston, SC. “That move was big because most of my extended family was in New Jersey. I had no family in South Carolina and nothing I really knew was there”. Compound the move with the fact that her parents would divorce soon after, which came especially hard for the “daddy’s girl” who would never see her father again due to the strain of the separation. Then, fast forward a few years to top this rough period off with the tragic loss of her younger brother to an asthma attack. Asia says, “I guess music became a release, a way to get away from everything, a way to talk about what was going on without actually saying the words, I could just write songs about it.” In 2001, Asia decided to take control of the many changes in her life. Determined to pursue her dreams, she spent ...

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