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1. The group’s genesis was in the meeting, in 1971, of guitarist/flautist Eril Tekeli (b.25.4.54), guitarist/singer Setrak Bakirel (b.19.11.53) and drummer Can (pronounced Jan) Kozlu, three Turkish students in Istanbul. Setrak and Can were self-taught musicians much influenced by rock, whereas Eril, who had attended flute classes, was influenced by jazz. fond of English rock but immersed in Middle-Eastern culture and music, they decided to form a group whilst continuing studies at college. In 1971, they won two prizes for composition and interpretation at a musical contest gathering together participants from high schools all over Turkey. In order to carry on with their studies, however, the three decided to emigrate in 1973. Eril and Setrak settled in Paris and Can in Grenoble. They benefited form this move greatly as the musical scene in Turkey was too restricted for them to fulfil their artistic ambitions. Sharing the same musical orientation and ambition, Eril and Setrak decided to perform as a duo in 1974, under the name of Layla (referring to the well-known Clapton song as well as a character from Perion mythology). They became acquainted with the local music scene in Paris and worked on improving their technique, acquiring better equipment which they needed to sharpen their instrumental skills. During the ‘74 Easter holidays, Eril and Setrak visited Can in Grenoble and recorded some tracks with him. After this session Can decided to go to Paris and join Layla, foll...

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