There are at least two known bands called Asiago. 1. Asiago from Trondheim, Norway, is an alternative rock band with inspiration from both 90s and 00s rock. The band consist of six members in their twenties and thirties: Kristian Skauge: vocals Audun Røstad: guitars Erlend Naalsund: guitars Haakon Brox: bass Nikolai Sødahl: keyboards John-Ivar Rotnes: drums Discography so far: One album, A Daring Smoothie (2010), and one single, Hjerteknuser (2011) (Kaizers Orchestra cover). One EP, Going Somewhere? release in 2012, an upcoming EP will be released in 2015. 2. Asiago from Dos Palos, CA describe themselves like this: it a cheese? ...Indeed it is, also, its a city in northern Italy where this delicious cheese originates. And........ It's also a band!!! In the small Central California town of Dos Palos(two sticks) resides the pop-punk quintet ASIAGO. The name isn't about cheese.. or bagels...or Italy... or any of that...Its just a name. In 2005 A girl named Jen had a dream that she played bass in a rock band...and the bands name was Asiago..and then... boom, pow! Dreams become reality and now its 2010 and Asiago has been going strong for the past five years and gaining momentum every step of the way. Asiago is a very different group of people then most bands, they are all from the same town and are extremely close, like a family. I think that it reflects in the music, they take their songs and performances very seriously and commit a lot of real raw emotio...

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