Asia Minor (Indonesian Hardcore Band) were formed since 2001 with the first formed : Ajie (guitar), Angga (Guitar), Idan (bass), Erwin (Drum), Zen (Vocal). with the early members: Aji (guitar), Angga (guitar), Idan (bass), Erwin (drum), and Zen (vocal). because of one reason, Zen went out from the band and replaced by Firman from nosebleed. however this formation was not long last because Firman also went out from the band. finally the solid members are : AJI RAHMAN HAKIM (GUITAR 2) ANGGA KUSUMA (GUITAR 1) M.RIDWAN ( BASS) ERWIN NIAGARA ( DRUM) SANI SUGEMA (VOCAL) We were got to know each other since we were child and had the same of vision also perseption to formed a Hardcore band called ASIA MINOR the concept of music has been depeloving to find the band identity. Colaborate between minor chords and hardcore beat, spirit and atitude who implied in lyrics. we were tried to exsist among all the scene in Bandung. Support is a energy for us. Thank you guys for support and being part of ASIA MINOR. you're all the best. Lokasi jl. kacapiring 57 A, Bandung, Indonesia 40271 Tanggal Mulai Tayang January 25th 2012 Genre MELODIC HARDCORE Anggota vox : ICHAN guitar : AJI guitar : ANGGA bass : IDAN drum : ERWIN Kota Asal bandung, Indonesia Perusahaan Rekaman broken chords Afiliasi musician Informasi Pribadi follow us : @asiaminor_hc members : @erwinasmin @ajiaminor @ichanmovic @angga_asiaminor Minat Pribadi hear....learn...create a good music! Pengaruh lot of good bands! Lokasi Sekar...

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