Asian Women on the Telephone

There is story how the AWOTT had their things and years before now: story continues up and down moscow city since 2007: year when its start from bass and drum duo rock bit experimental and rather heavy: than more lighter and psy-low-fidelique like trio, then 4-piece with razory sawed guitar, then 5-piece even 6-like piece pie with more drums and wild animals on stage. Sometimes naked but always masked. Result: toured north America in 2011 chewed chewing gums, made stars-spangled friends. Meanwhile played and pushed buttons created about 10 albums full of semi-drone half-industrial themes and even songs. Free improv was a main method, clothes free was a need. Some of them has a multi-purpose video realisation: mental health training, subcultural influenced, historical meaning, ruin for fun. Time is changed and band is chaged too. 2012 is year when god had realise that trio is much better than high five. and we are submit. Louder than before we drive our power-trio-ship to new lands of mature things. Result: toured around Europe in 2013 spring, eaten cheeses, spoke tongues, made much more friends. Nowdays AWOTT, by mighty Destiny, reduced to duo again . they deserve to start from begining of a Game. Discography: 2008 Awott I CD (Retrotrasher records) 2009 Awott Tapes CS (self released) 2009 Awott III CD-R (self released) 2010 Holotropic Break CS (Warded Halls) 2010 Chelsea Grandpa CD-R (self released) 2010 Arabian Horses/Asian Women on the Telephone split CS (Full of Nothi...

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