Asianova is an ambient group from Houston, Texas, United States, comprised of Greg Logsdon aka Ure Thrall (keyboards, effects, sampler, percussion, guitar, bass), Pamela Passmore (vocals, toys), and Voice of Eye members Jim Wilson aka Wilhelm (synthesizer, effects, sampler, percussion, guitar) and Bonnie McNairn aka Katkishka (vocals, flute, percussion, effects). Their music consists of ethereal and dark ambient with many different elements and influences: from ultra-low abysses of drones to ghostly female vocals, from ethnic percussive sequences to bright, shimmering flute melodies, from crystal-clear guitar harmonies to immersive synth-layers. The origins of the Asianova sessions started with a year long improvisational collaboration between Ure Thrall and Jim Wilson under the name Cruor in 1988. Things were attempting to take on a more structured format within the parameters of their improvisations, and they then began focusing more on the harmonic aspects of composition. At this point experimental flautist / vocalist Bonnie McNairn and finally noise-man Tim Sternat joined the group. After many live performances in the fledgling electronic music scene of Houston, Texas, Ure Thrall's focus dwindled and Cruor disbanded. Later they reformed as Esoterica Landscapes 7 and after numerous ambitiously convoluted performances they disbanded only to reform again (minus Sternat) as the now legendary Voice of Eye. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Cr...

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