Askeleton is a band born in the Twin Cities, MN. Askeleton has former and current members of obscure bands such as Kill Sadie, Hidden Chord, Aneuretical, The Swiss Army and Ela. The present line-up of Askeleton is: Knol Tate (vocals, guitar and percussion), Noah Paster (bass guitar, keyboards), William Caperton (guitar, keys, percussion), Courtney DeaKyne (keys, backing vocals) and Steve Yasgar (drum kit, laptop and percussion). Everyone plays a bit of everything. Askeleton plays music, most people hate music. In 2000 Askeleton was founded during the breakup of Knol's former bands Kill Sadie and The Hidden Chord. Using a free version of a digital audio program he wrote songs based on samples, simply arranged keyboard and guitar parts and left over Hidden Chord lyrics. During 2000 and 2001 Knol made two records released in 2002 as the “Sad Album” full length CD (Minneapolis label Blood of the Young Records) and a CD/EP called “Modern Fairy Tales” (New York’s Alone Records). A modest amount of favorable press and reviews followed both releases. In order to promote these releases Knol assembled a band to play the songs live. Many different versions of the live band where formed and finally in 2003 the line up that is now known as Askeleton was in place, making it no longer a solo project. Askeleton is known to bring out the tension, experimentation and power of Wire, Eno era Talking Heads poppyness, quirk and grooves as well as the obscurity and anarchic art of early bay ...

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