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ASMODEUS X: Synthesizing the Electronic with the Esoteric Since 1999, Asmodeus X has been storming the base with their unique sound. Based in Houston, Texas, Paul Fredric and Marshall (originally members of 90's Goth band, Morphine Angel) set out to uncover new musical directions with a project that fuses electronic beats and metaphysical themes,-a hybrid of ancient teachings and esoteric schools of thought, combined with futuristic and modern soundscapes. From the beginning of their journey in 1999, the sound of Asmodeus X is at once difficult to pigeon-hole or contain, drawing inspiration from many influential styles of music, including those that span the gamut from old-school Goth, euphoric Trance, Experimental Noise and Electronic Body Music, to popularized labels such as 'Futurepop', along with Kraftwerk-esque and Industrial influences that could best be described as DBM: --Daemonic Body Music. Early performances earned Asmodeus X a Houston Press Critic's Choice Award for Best New Industrial Act, and in the millennial year, 2000, allowed for further crystallization of their sound through live performances including The Annual Houston Vampire Ball at Numbers Nightclub, along with a plethora of live shows throughout Texas with such acts as Snog, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Attrition, Diva Destruction, Psyclon Nine,The Last Dance, Cesium 137, Sunshine Blind, The Cruxshadows, Android Lust, The Machine in The Garden, Seraphim Shock, Ctrl, and Houston synthpop artis...

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