Hanna and Leif met for the first time in April 1994. Leif needed someone to do the vocals on some songs he had made together with Patrik Eriksson. The first half-chaotic recordingsession in Leif's basement was to become the start of the band ConSequence, that later changed name to EnCounter. EnCounter got a record deal with Energy Rekords in 1997, and released the cd Kontakt and the two singles Mastermind and Automobile. Kontakt got a nice bit of attention, and EnCounter was even rewarded as Best Newcomer at the Swedish Electronic Music Awards (SEMA) in 1998. After the initial success the musical machinery of EnCounter got pretty much quiet. The members of the band went on to achieve higher education as well as to produce children. Music was still made, but the occations to do so was scarce since the bandmembers lived in different parts of the country. In 2000 Leif moved to Gothenburg, and was two years later followed by Hanna. Being habitants of the same city, Hanna and Leif started to make music again. The new songs were originally written for EnCounter, but gradually became a whole different project. Encounter was finally put on hold for an indefinite time in october 2004. Shortly after that Hanna and Leif formed the new band Asombria, and have since then been writing and producing material for their debute album. Their hompage is and you can listen to their music for free there. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creat...

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