There are three artists with the name Aspects: 1. Midlands based hardcore/porgressive 2. Bristol hip-hop group 3. Hungarian metal band. 1. Aspects are a Nottinghamshire based 5-piece formed in April 2011, after the breakup of a previous project; with this they brought a fresh approach to their music, bigger ideas and a more professional attitude, creating a more mature and refined sound. Soon after forming, the band recorded their first demo, which was released for free download in June 2011. Having spent the early months of the band’s birth playing shows in their local area, the band have built up a firm backing and are steadily joining the area’s reputable bands, winning over many new fans with every show they play. For Aspects, the summer of 2011 will bring the release of the bands first EP, many shows in the midlands (including appearances with some of UK hardcore’s elite) and shows further afield. Aspects’ unique brand of hardcore combined with their energetic and passionate live set aims to set them apart from the rest of the local music scene and line them up for bigger and better things. Since formation, Aspects have shared the stage with many reputable bands such as Heights (Mediaskare Records), Against the Flood (Siege of Amida Records), The Amsterdam Red Light District (FRA), Heart of a Coward and many more. 2. Aspects are a hip hop group based in Bristol, England. They are made up of vocalists El Eye and Probe Mantis, producer Specify and beatboxer ...

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