Asper Kourt

Even though he refers to Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, and John Mayer as musical favorites, Asper Kourt’s singer-songwriter Kevin Herig writes and plays music in a class all his own. While he does pull from his influences to gain inspiration, most of Herig’s songs and lyrics are wittingly and expressively written about his own personal experiences. The emotion that pours out of Herig’s music places him on a level far beyond his 20 years. While the fans love what he has already written, every new song that comes from him is more soulful, gripping, and addicting than his previous repertoire. Still a very young group, Asper Kourt formed after Herig started jamming his music with two high school friends. Nate Boitano and Heath Warren would eventually become the permanent lead guitarist and percussionist, respectively. After a few uneventful months spent learning each other’s styles and contributions, Nate Boitano found bassist Mat Beston, who at the time was playing for a rival band. After some practices with Herig’s new material, Beston left his original band to join the new group. Shortly thereafter, Herig commissioned his brother-in-law, Kurt Sorenson, to play piano, giving rise the group now known as Asper Kourt; named so because the garage they practice in is located on the street Asper Ct. The newly formed group took Albuquerque by storm in the summer of 2007 with their fan base rapidly growing throughout the southwest. In November 2008, Asper Kourt recorded their fir...

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