Asphalt is a digital hardcore duo from Sweden. Started in summer/early fall of 2002 when the to members Cristoffer Wiker and Carl Pramlid went to college in Dalarna, Sweden. They made a few tracks and got some recognition from the fan base for digital hardcore music in Sweden and was booked for a couple of underground parties. From there it kicked in and the band went out to do a series of clubs and festivals up until the fall of 2005 when the project was iced until further notice. There are still unreleased tracks floating around out there on the web... Asphalt is an alternative rock band from Raleigh, NC. Made up of Brian Morris (guitar/vocals), Chris Krispy O'Hara (bass/vocals), and Jonathan Davison (drums), the three band members are currently divided and conquering the southeastern United States in a collegiate setting. They formed in 2000, when all were in 7th grade, and proceeded to self-release a few discs that would later be disowned by the band itself. Their most recent album is entitled The Eaves and was recorded in the home studio of one Peter Kimosh, of Chapel Hill, NC. The band members are all currently hard at work at college, and hope to recombine their forces to record and release an EP at their winter breaks. Asphalt about 70 minutes of heavy, innovative music, displaying a variety of styles ranging from SABBATH influenced insanity to depressing delusions of Joy Division, Asphalt was formerly known as False Hope with Sal LaPiccollo (bass), Hawthorne Smith ...

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