Assailant Line Up: - Peder Sundqvist - Vocals - Oskar Norberg - Guitars - Patrik Larsson - Drums - Joakim Jonsson - Bass - Marcus Sundbom - Guitars - Peder Sandstr?m - Synths Assailant were formed in Ume?/Sweden in 2004. To make a long story shorter: it all began at six different places with six different persons. These six persons didn't know each other at this time, but they all had a great, burning interest in music. Jocke and Oskar began to play together at a quite early stage and were part of many formations. Later on Peder Sandstr?m joined them and it worked out great. After some years they felt it didn't really work out with their drummer so they decided to give Patrik a shot. They rehearsed/jammed together once and then decided to put Patrik behind the drums. The old material was left behind and new songs began to form. At this time, in 2001, the band was called Sacra Via. There was however a small problem as they didn't have a vocalist. After some search they found Markus Granberg and soon had a new demo-record finished under the bandname Ecliptica. Time went on and Kristofer Eriksson, a childhood friend of Patrik and Peder joined the band on rhythm guitar; a new demo-record was produced and Ecliptica began to do more live performances. All went smooth but unfortunately for the band Kristofer went to Stockholm to study music and Markus got a job in Spain as an entertainer and suddenly left the country. In May 2004 what was still left of Ecliptica got in touch ...

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