Assembly Line Gods

Raw and powerful, a well-oiled machine. Reaching out and grabbing at your core... -Caesar Crawford, The Dead Timez From the damp shadows of the Midwest emerge the Assembly Line Gods, four musicians devoted to awakening something in their listener... the animal within, perhaps. Man has spent centuries finding ways to hide what he really is. The Assembly Line Gods have observed them all, studied them and seen past them. Beginning in 2008 guitarist E.B. Cox, bassist Josh Kroeger, singer David Samples and drummer Carson Underwood began writing songs reflecting those observations. While their deft playing ability and lyricism appeal to one's intellect, it is that primal spirit the notes are really reaching for. The foursome craft a dark, melodic sound that manages a neat trick: It's metal that doesn't sound angry, or even like it's trying to be. The playing is impactful without trying for a constant sonic pounding. -Chris DeRosier, The band keeps its sound stylistically amorphous, shifting between different elements from song to song and, frequently, within the songs themselves. In them you'll hear moments of metal's staccato bass drum; grunge rock's muscular open-tuned guitar; funk's lithe, agile bass and playfully theatrical, even manipulative singing evoking a sort of modern-rock Jim Morrison. Combined with the band's kinetic stage show it can be as captivating to watch as to hear. of the most talented rock groups we've come across in our search for b...

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