Assembly of Dust

Assembly of Dust (also known as AOD) is an American rock band formed in 2002 by former Strangefolk frontman Reid Genauer. Hearing Assembly of Dust has the flush of meeting a stranger who will inform your life in profound & happy ways, someone whose wise counsel might help you see the world in a fresh light. They possess the same tuneful philosophizing as storytellers like The Band, Paul Simon and Crosby, Stills & Nash, giving the listener good songs playing on a daydream radio. Led by Reid Genauer, they make great homespun music. Parts are gentle and tempered with an earthy wisdom that understands whiskey and tears are often the best cures. Other moments find a more forceful voice supported by top-notch musicianship & blistering emotion. Formed in 2002 after Genauer left cult jam stars Strangefolk, AOD is made up of some of the finest East Coast musicians going. Along with Reid's perfect pop vocals and acoustic guitar, there's keyboardist and co-songwriter Nate Wilson, bassist and backing vocalist John Leccese, drummer Andy Herrick, and guitarist and backing vocalist Adam Terrell. Together, it's a holy sound that speaks to modern life amongst tall buildings and cell phones. The result is a collection of beautifully constructed songs where each chorus and verse is right where it needs to be. The songs are played with professional flair and electric country kick. You can hear how their sound has quickly coalesced into some of the purest organic pop out there today on thei...

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