Asseptic Room

Asseptic Room was a personal project of Carlos.R that started after the dissolution of a prior project called “Dioxyde” shared with Marcos Calvo. Previously, in 1992 he made his first mini-album named “Initial Command”. Thanks a simple Atari computer, a cubase and a Kawi keyboard, the first industrial dark style compositions has been done, with principal influences of the first works of Front Line Assembly or Skinny Puppy. Created with limited resources and there are four instrumental themes already recorded in a digital format, “Initial Command” possibly come at light someday in one way of another. During this time, Carlos continues making sessions as DJ in some of the pioneer discotheques of the Madrid’s and Europe’s electro scene. He enters in a few bands that mark his references whit the creation of his compositions, this are: Click click, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Borghesia, Pankow and others. A few years later and during one of the sessions as DJ he met Marcos.C and soon a big bond and a great music affinity was created between them which took them to release their first album of the project “Dioxyde” Tourschlusspanik. This was made thanks of the collaboration of Johan Van Roy who made possible “Tourschlusspanik” being recorded with Dyng Culture Label. And with this, the first live concerts in different countries like Belgium, Germany, Holland, Portugal and Spain was started with an excellent success. After “Dioxyde” dissolution, Carlos deci...

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