formed in 1994 mixing punk/hardcore/thrash and rock , igniting some fire and ferocity into a stagnant and boring u.k. punk/hardcore scene. They became one of the most talked about underground outfits as half the band played naked whilst whirlwind frontman 'Britt' screamed into the audiences faces causing chaos and confusion. It was anti-fashion and anti 'scene'; the band gained a loyal following whilst upsetting many people in the process;they were even known to take a dump on stage from time to time (shock horror!!) Power,passion,precision,politics and the ability to hack off a very conservative scene underlined how timid things had become. Assert are more punk than you and more hardcore then the average middle class wanabee who inhabits the modern 'Hardcore scene' . Still one of the most talked about bands around and still not giving a toss. The band are recording their sixth full length album ; all the shizzle can be purchased at the website : Previous labels who have released Assert records are : Household name records ; Hardboiled/Diehard ; maltsoda ; stranded records; Intimidation and Hideous eye. Assert have toured or played live with almost every punk/hardcore band you could care to mention. Assert are always on the lookout for bands interested in split singles and tours so please get in touch.Get the latest U.S.A. version of their fourth full length here : 'Invigorating in it's manic aggression,inspiring with ...

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