1. Assia is a rock band ,rooted in Antwerp, that came about somewhere in 2010. The band was kickstarted by Asmara and Tiana, brother and sister. Together they created a blend of indorock and 80's hardrock and soon found themselves surrounded with band members that were of like mind. They are now a six member formation and are working hard on getting their music out there. Currently they have finished recording their first demo and have a series of gigs planned in 2011. [Read less] The story begins in 2010 when Asmara, already playing in CIA Bartender, decides to start up his own band. Having already written some material together he officially asks his sister (Tiana) and a friend (Somphong) to join him on vocals and bass respectively. Together they created such songs now known as Believe In Yourself, Don't Care About You and Children Of Rock 'n' Roll. At this point, however, they were only a three-piece band and Asmara had to record the keyboards and drums himself. All of this was done at home but they knew they had to get out there and so they placed ads, looking for a second guitar player and drummer. In the meantime they also had their first live experience with the help of Dreas en Peter (CIA Bartender). The show garnered some good reviews and made them confident that this was the road they wanted to take. After a few auditions the band came across Leslie who also resided in Antwerp and who reacted to the ad after hearing their homemade recordings. He loved the music and...

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