It all begun in the middle 90´s when guitarist Goran Panic formed his band Assignment. Together with his friend Sven Pollkötter on the drums and several different line ups, the band passed the required process for creating a unique style. The first two demos have been more Death and Thrash Metal orientated but through time more and more Rock & Progressive elements came into the music without really loosing the focus on the roots and the Assignment sound. The arrival of the new vocalist Markus Brand (ex-GB Arts) was a major step into this direction. The first Assignment CD „Progressive Changes“ was recorded by Claus Grabke (Thumb, Alternative Allstars) and mastered by Michael Schwabe (Paradise Lost), released and published by the bands own management. Only a few months later (April 2004), Goran signed a distribution deal with the label “Rock Express” from Belgrade, Serbia. Through their network, a new edition of 1000 copies became available almost world wide. The band was amazed by the positive feedback and this was an endless motivation and the best reason for the second record. The long time drummer Sven Pollkötter has been replaced by Hendrik Thiesbrummel (Kingdom Come, Avalon) after his decision to join the Alternative Allstars. Gert Sprick became the 5th Assignment member and filled the keyboard position permanently. After a few shows with bands like Poverty´s No Crime, Everfest or Orden Ogan the concentration was focused on the songwriting for the s...

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