Futuristic Melodic Metal from Oslo, Norway. Assimililate was started as a project by drummer OK in 2010 when he grew tired of not being able to find a band that satisfied his visions of music. With little knowledge of music making, he went about to teach himself how to compose music on the computer. After several trials and errors, he met up wit a guitarist late 2010 who gave him one riff, and from that, he spawned the first incarnation of a song that is today known as Deconstructor. All songs he made from there on was made entirely on a computer, where he programmed everything from guitars to strings and drums. After a while he decided it was time to see if there was anything to this music he had created and started showing it to different people. As the response was overwhelmingly positive, he started to think about the prospect of actually making this project into a band. After trying out several different musicians he found a gem in Kjetil, not only a great singer, but also a great friend where the two shared a vision about lyrics and setting.The guitars are handled by Kim and Jan. Kim is a musical genius who handles the guitar with ease, a perfect fit for the band with his technical skill and great spirit! Jan delivers a powerful wall of guitars and also has a great sense for melodies that enhances the music further. On the bass we have a little legend from the Norwegian metal scene. Stig is a jack of all trades in the band, but has picked up the bass in Assimilate. ...

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