Assorted Nails

The idea for Assorted Nails came to Paul Neumann (guitars) in late spring 2001, It was him who asked Florian (bass) and Patrick (drums) if they were interested in a Death Metal project and organised a rehearsal room in their shared student block. A short time later, they had to give up this rehearsal room because it was closed down. During the time where they were looking for new facilities, Paul also asked Bob (vox) to join the band. When they finally found new facilities in autumn 2001, they had all accumulated enough energy to quickly rehearse and write a few songs... Still, it was only on the first of June 2002 they were able to let loose their raw rocking death metal thunderstorm onto a bunch of unsuspecting punk rockers, in Marbach. Because of the alarming lack of possibilties to perform in Freiburg, their next gig was as an opener for the big mainstream student´s party called Quattro Stagione. During this concert, which took place on the 12th of july, Assorted Nails introduced their new guitarist, Christoph, who had joined the band in May. The now five Nails went on to organise their first real METAL concert, by inviting Umount from Basel and Desdemonia from Luxembourg, and they called the event The Day the Dead Walked. Well received by the audience, they had to make the sad announcement that Paul Neumann was going to leave the band, and that they were looking for someone else to torture the guitar... This is where Paul Ihle comes in, who had succesfully been in...

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