1. A Pop Rock/Powerpop band from Crown Point, Indiana. 2. A Progressive Black Metal band from Switzerland. 3. An American medieval and renaissance ensemble. 1. Asteria Music listeners, enthusiasts, and professionals around the world have asked what is left of this “Pop Rock/Powerpop” scene? Is anything left? Have we completely moved forward and on to “the next big thing?” The genre we speak of being so lifeless in 2010 was the genre once tagged on Crown Point, IN’s own Asteria. A band that has gained extreme respect in the industry over the past 6 years as being a self-functioning, business savvy group of passionate musicians who have opted over the years to pass on professional industry help and chose to put the fate of their music career completely in their own hands. Recording, producing, album artwork, promotional campaigns, music videos, websites, tours, and everything else most musicians dream of getting professional help with have all been jobs executed by the members themselves. Turning a typical group of 5 twenty-some-odd year old bandmates hoping to be in the right place at the right time ... into perfectionists, dream chasers, and experienced young men who have seen the triumphs and tragedies of the industry, together as a family. With previous success on their 2007 Broken English/Warner full length debut SLIP INTO SOMETHING MORE COMFORTABLE, to their most recent 2008 self produced and released self titled EP, both bridged gaps between uber pop and and edgy ...

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